If we were to take Genesis at face value, what would we learn... how would it affect how we view our world?

Taking Genesis at face value (interpreting it literally) brings about a dramatic change in how we view our world. It explains countless previously unanswered questions. We invite you to take some time and review these videos written and presented by Dr. Kevin Horton, a veterinarian and seminary trained pastor.

Genesis- WHEre everything begins

The Foundation of Everything

Genesis 1:1
Discover the ancient understanding for the origins of everything as Dr. Kevin Horton unpackages the first verse of the Bible.

The Earth

In Genesis 1:2 the Bible changes focus from the everything to zoom in on the earth and the details needed for life.

Life: How did we get here?

Genesis 1:11-13
The 21st century has brought us many scientific advances. Some go so far as to claim that we KNOW that evolution is the origin of life. The Bible tells us a story that differs greatly to the narrative we have been hearing. The bible proclaims, without apology, that life is far to advanced and complex to just happen.

Stars and Animals

Genesis now takes us to an expanding universe. Questions of starlight and time are explored as well as the origins animal life on earth.

What does it mean to be human?

Is human life valuable? Are you valuable? Dr. Horton explores the ramifications of human beings who are created in the Image of God

Created Male and Female

God created people in two distinct genders. What are the implications and observations we can make on how we get along?

Why God?

Tell me Christian: How can your all powerful, loving God create a world like this one... full of pain, suffering, and death?

Everyone needs to have the answer to this question... whether for their own understanding or to respond to this most common question posed by atheists and those objection to the Christian message.

In the two part series below, Dr. Kevin Horton addresses this question vital question through the combined lenses of the Bible and personal tragedy.

Genesis 4:

Cain: Where did he go wrong?

What did Cain do that caused God not to accept his offering?
Is it possible that I could do the same thing?
What does it take to be accepted by God?
Hold on as Dr. Kevin Horton opens up the issues that come painstakingly close to home in modern human lives.

Why did God flood the world?

  • Why did God bring a worldwide flood upon the earth?
  • Were people that much worse than they are today?

This video will challenge what you believe about the Bible and the supernatural.
In this video, Dr Horton ventures to go where most theologians dare not. We must explain the underlying purpose of the flood and who are the Nephilim... The giants

Rock Layers Filled With Fossils-

How were these formed?
All around the world we can observe rock layers filled with fossils. 95% of the fossils are aquatic organisms. How did these form?

Noah's Ark... Watch this video for a mental reset on the journey of Noah

Life in the New World

Tower of Babel

What is that all about?
What should we think about nations and nationality? Is that good? Is that Bad?

Conclusions to the Genesis 1-11 project

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