DinoSaur Digs

July 18-20 & Aug 15-18

"And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds..."

Genesis 1:25


The Institute for Biblical Authority (IBA) once again partnered with the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum (GDFM) to offer outstanding educational opportunities in Noah’s Flood graveyards during the summer of 2023.  Nearly 40 participants from across Montana joined GDFM Paleontologist(s) Tommy and Martha Lohman, GDFM Director Robert Canen and IBA’s Mike Mueller for a Biblical Worldview experience.  The youth and adult group spent mornings in the field recovering evidence for a global flood, afternoons in the lab preparing the specimens, and other parts of the trip touring the GDFM and hearing presentations strengthening their Biblical Worldview.
Participants hiked to the dig site and recovered specimens including fossilized bones from turtles, alligators, possible raptors and duck-billed dinosaurs, gar fish scales, teeth, vegetation fossils, palm fruit from wetland plant species and many other samples.  The samples collected were sent home with the participants as a reminder of the experience and to hopefully be used to peak other interests when asked about the specimens.  Imagine these youth showing their friends what they found and telling them “I found this, and yea this fossil was deposited by the Flood of Noah’s Day 4.500 years ago like the Bible says and is evidence the Bible is true!”
The participants learned about the landscape they hiked across and observed the layers of sediment laid down over the year-long global flood event.  Participants could see the planation surfaces along with the erosional canyons and remnants left behind after the flood waters receded, all along the beautiful Yellowstone River Valley.  The group dug in a foot or two layer of sediment that continues to yield both organic plant material mixed with fossils from animal life.  The layer was an obvious burial ground from the catastrophic event and the majority of samples reveal bits and pieces of the plants and animals that lived before the flood and it is very rare to find complete fossilized skeletal remains.  Also, the fact you find both marine and terrestrial specimens together further give evidence to a global flood washing away both ocean and terrestrial ecosystems buried in the sediment.
GDFM staff were excited this summer as they recently purchased fossil remains of a Edmontosaurus and were planning to prepare the specimen for display at the museum.  The group was also joined by Institute for Creation Research Staff Dave Napier who also got down and dirty in the sediment and recovered flood evidence.  In the lab, participants learn fossil prep techniques, use a micro-jack and micron-blaster to prepare and clean up their specimens.
Two participants left a part of an extinct alligator jaw with the museum as it was a rare find and would be used for further research.  When a rare find is made, the museum makes a trade with the finder so they do go home with another fossil from the field.  That sounds fair right?  And the rare find is cataloged at the museum with the person’s name that found it; that is very cool.  What fun learning about God’s Word and Truth!
IBA would like you to consider bringing your youth group, family or church group to Glendive and experience the Bible coming to life like never before.  We have a great learning resource in the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum and we should take advantage of it with our youth and showing them the evidence points toward the Truth in God’s Word and we can Be Bold about telling others about it.  IBA is planning more future events with GDFM and another ND Badlands Creation Conference in Medora, ND in 2024.  Go to or to support these efforts and learn more.
Thanks to all the participants who attended and to GDFM for making it a memorable event and to IBA for making this possible, lets keep showing the world Jesus is the Creator and His Word is Truth!

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