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Be Bold Conference

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~Schedule of Events – Saturday May 20th ~ 

Morning Session 9am to12pm
9:00- 9:45 AM Genesis 1:1 How Did Everything, Yes Everything, Begin? by Dr. Kevin Horton, Institute for Biblical Authority (IBA)
10:00-10:45 AM God is the Greatest Scientist: Reading the Creation Account Scientifically Genesis 1 by Mark Amunrud
11:00-11:45 AM Dinosaurs, Ice Age, and Preflood World  by Brian Young, Creation Instruction Association (CIA)

12:00 Break for lunch

Afternoon Session 1:30pm to 5:15pm
1:30 PM Drone Video Evidence of the Genesis Flood by Dr. Kevin Horton, IBA  
2:45 PM Why Noah’s Flood Matters Today - Genesis 7, 2 Peter 3 by Mark Amunrud
4:00 PM Supernatural Selection by Brian Young, CIA
4:45 PM Q & A panel with speakers

5:15 Break for dinner

Evening Session 7pm to 9pm
7-7:45 PM Do Aliens Exist by Brian Young, CIA
8-8:45 PM Diagnosis of a Mad, Mad World by Dr. Kevin Horton, IBA
8:45 PM Q&A panel with speakers

ALso on youtube

Morning session - Rewatch here

Afternoon session - Rewatch Here

Evening session - In Progress

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Dr. Kevin Horton
Dr. Kevin Horton, President, Institute for Biblical Authority,
Dr. Horton, The Bible and Science Guy as he is also known, holds a BA in biology from Dickinson State College (University) in
Dickinson, North Dakota. He earned a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa and a Masters of
Divinity from Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois.
Dr. Horton practiced veterinary medicine on both large and small animals in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana for 20 years. During
the last five years of veterinary practice he answered God’s call to church leadership and established two churches in the Valley. He
served Crossroads Christian Fellowship of Victor, MT as senior pastor for 20 years. He began as the full-time Executive Director of
IBA in the spring of 2018.

Mark Armunrud
Mark has enjoyed two careers: teaching at Bible colleges and designing advanced software. He taught classes in Genesis, Science
and Origins, Astronomy, Bible, and worship at various Bible colleges. In his other career he designed and developed lending and
compliance software for financial institutions that are widely used today. Mark was able to retire early when he sold his software
company, Bridger Systems, and then spent much time researching specific areas where science and scripture disagree. This included
a multi-year project of understanding and translating Genesis chapters one and two.
Mark loves the Bible, God’s word, and he loves science, God’s world. His passions are to understand and obey the Bible accurately
and to advance science into new areas of technology that seem impossible today. Mark is a controversial researcher because he
challenges common interpretations of the creation account that are not accurate. He also challenges accepted scientific theories
which are based on false assumptions and provides evidences that they need to be corrected. Mark earned a B.S. in mathematics
from MSU Billings, a M.S. in engineering from MSU Bozeman, and a M.C.M. in worship and theology from Western Seminary. Mark is
happily married to Debra who organizes and runs a wonderful church library. They have three grown children. Two teach math and
science and one is a librarian. They also have three wonderful grandchildren.

Brian Young
Brian Young, an internationally known speaker and author, was a teacher and principal for ten years before becoming director of
Creation Instruction Association and the Semisaurus Mobile Creation Museum as well as the Boneyard Creation Museum. He is a
speaker/author for a number of creation-based curriculums and has now been speaking on the topic of creation and Biblical
authority for 28 years, doing debates at Universities, going into prisons, and sharing at churches, schools and camps around the
world. He uses the Bible as the foundation for science and education.

Sponsored by Institute for Biblical Authority – Hosted by Lolo Community Church
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Creation Revolution
Reclaiming lost ground


Come prepared to be trained to take back lost territory from the evolutionary forces that hold our culture captive. Discover the truth about how real science confirms the Bible and Jesus is the Creator. Equip your family and youth with answers to defend the Faith.

When: Saturday May 20th. Doors open at 8:30am MDT (speakers scheduled throughout the day)
  • Lolo Community Church: 11897 Lewis and Clark Dr., Lolo, MT 59847

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Sponsored by Institute for Biblical Authority – Hosted by Lolo Community Church
Donations welcome, make checks out to Institute for Biblical Authority or 
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