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First edition of doc Horton, the Bible and science guy

1) The Greatest Dinosaur Discovery of the 21st Century

Dino-2 A look at the scientists behind the discovery

2) The story of the people who discovered dinosaur soft tissue and how science has received this news

Science blackout of dino discovery?

3) Doc takes a closer look at science and the apparent blackout of news about the great Dino-soft-tissue discovery.

The Book of Ruth, The Redemption of Naomi

Special biblical series:
Certainty of death, small chance of success? What are we waiting for? *
​Doc Horton takes on one of the best told stories of antiquity... The Biblical book of Ruth.

1) Running from God

Special Editions:

The Corona Virus and the End Times

* Quote from The Lord of the Rings

Chaos in America; racism, hatred and how the police failed.
In this episode, Doc Horton interviews retired California Highway Patrolman, Ben Short to find answers about proper arrest procedures and what went wrong with the arrest of George Floyd.