IBA team at an event. It takes a large group of people to put on a professional conference. Author and IBA board member Pam Elder is pictured speaking to some of the attendees.

Books, DVD's, and other resources will be available for purchase at the conference. These resources help attendees and families retain what they have learned.

Dr. Randy Giliuzza, President of ICR will be speaking at this conference.

Fossil dig team on site near Glendive, MT.

Diggers were taught the process of cleaning up their discoveries for display

Dino-Dig Team 2021 at the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum

b) Travel the path of the Glacial Lake Missoula Flood

Camping Tour
Tentative dates: Fall 2022

Bring your family and join Dr. Horton on a once in a lifetime tour of the Glacial Lake Missoula Flood path.
Visit the places and see the evidence firsthand. Strap on your hiking boots and plan for some rugged adventure as we explore the Scablands of Washington State and then across northern Idaho and into Montana. A few excited kids will even be given a chance to fly Doc's drone in the vast open spaces. Campfire programs will be in the evenings and a lot of fellowship opportunities along the way. This is one not to miss!

This is planned to be a camping tour. Everyone will provide their own transportation, food, cooking, and camping supplies. Our travels will have a purpose: To uncover, first hand, the evidence floods leave behind.

This trip will involve a lot of hiking and traveling.

Camping Trailers NOTE: Most of our campsites will be dry camping. There will be times when generators may be used to recharge batteries. We will discourage the use of generators except for designated times and locations.

Our travels will take us to this 600' cliff with plunge pools below. Near Quincy, WA
Travel to these geological sites in Washington state, Idaho, and Montana learning firsthand what floods do to the landscape.

Palouse Falls was carved out of solid basalt rock in 3-5 days by the torrent of water released when the glacial dam on the Clark Fork of the Columbia River burst.

Our tour will head east into Montana to see these 45' high water ripples that were formed when the Lake was suddenly discharged