The Problem

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL...But Something is wrong...

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL...But Something is wrong...


We feel the storm brewing...

  • Another shooting
  • Angry protests reveal dark hearts throughout society
  • People are full of confusion, even about their given gender
  • Rights are being systematically taken away from quiet bible-believing business people
  • Youth are exiting the church at record numbers
  • Suicide rates among teens is skyrocketing

There has been a quiet change in authority.
For two millennium Americans placed their hands on the Bible as they swear 'to tell the truth.' Public schools used the Bible in elementary schools for reading education. The Bible was our cultural authority. Even in the lives of those who did not believe, there existed respect for the Bible and church leaders.

Today, there is a new authority in town. This authority is taught with convincing conviction and vivid illustrations in museums, school books, and higher education centers.

As this new authority has taken root in western societies, it developed a vacuum of morality and direction. Human lives were freed to pursue self-desires without regard to God's standards of living. Without standards, society naturally descends into chaos. Anger replaces civility.

The emerging generation has been well taught to resist the bible and be militant against any public semblance of Christianity. This generation, as Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders reported in Missoula, Montana, will emerge as the new power of the West. He noted that even with a loss in the 2016 election, his ideals of a new socialist society will prevail in the future because the emerging generation is sold-out to these views.



There exists great hope and phenomenal purpose for each human life:
Your life is valuable because, as the bible puts it, you are created in the image of God. God created human beings to have a moral nature that reflects His moral nature. But humanity has rebelled against that morality within us all. The Bible speaks of this rebellion against what we know to be right as sin. We are now seeing graphic demonstrations of this rebellious sin as western society systematically implodes. The bible offers new life to anyone who asks God, by faith in Jesus His Son, for a new start and forgiveness for our sinful failures.

There exists great hope for society:
The hope is found in the rediscovery of the bible as the basis of civil interchange and government.
​The Institute for Biblical Authority has risen up to stem the tide of deterioration. We are here to contend for the authority of the Bible to speak and change society for the positive and restore broken lives.

Many people struggle to trust the Bible because they have been taught:

  1. Science has essentially proven the Bible to be wrong
  2. That the Bible is simply a collection of old human writings that is full of errors and inconsistencies

These two central issues undermine the Bible's authority-and-right-to-speak in our culture. IBA exists to bring clarity and understanding to incorrect perceptions about the Bible, thereby reestablishing biblical authority. ​

What are some of the answers to these two central issues?
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